# iquota reporting for Coldfront

Coldfront plugin providing iquota reporting for Coldfront. [iquota]( is a command line tool and associated server application for reporting quotas from Isilon nfs mounts using the OneFS API. User and group quotas are displayed on the Coldfront portal home page.

## Design

This app uses the iquota API to report user and group quotas. Kerberos is used to authenticate to the API and a valid keytab file is required.

## Requirements

  • pip install kerberos humanize requests

## Usage

To enable this plugin add or uncomment the following in your file:



IQUOTA_KEYTAB = ‘/path/to/user.keytab’ IQUOTA_CA_CERT = ‘/etc/ipa/ca.crt’ IQUOTA_API_HOST = ‘localhost’ IQUOTA_API_PORT = ‘8080’ IQUOTA_USER_PATH = ‘/ifs/user’ IQUOTA_GROUP_PATH = ‘/ifs/projects’