Mokey OIDC

# Mokey/Hydra OpenID Connect integration for Coldfront

Coldfront django plugin providing Mokey/Hydra OpenID Connect integration for Coldfront. [Mokey]( is self-service account management portal for [FreeIPA]( Mokey also supports the Login/Consent flow for [Hydra]( an OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect provider. With this app enabled users are authenticated using OpenID Connect via Mokey using FreeIPA as the identity provider. User and group data is automatically updated using information stored in the id_token claims.

## Design

This app uses [mozilla-django-oidc]( and implements a custom backend for connecting OpenID Connect user identities to Django users.

## Requirements

  • pip install mozilla-django-oidc

## Usage

To enable this plugin add or uncomment the following in your file:

‘mozilla_django_oidc’, ‘coldfront.plugins.mokey_oidc’,






OIDC_OP_JWKS_ENDPOINT = “https://hydra.local/.well-known/jwks.json” OIDC_RP_SIGN_ALGO = ‘RS256’ OIDC_RP_CLIENT_ID = ‘coldfront-client-id’ OIDC_RP_CLIENT_SECRET = ‘xxx’ OIDC_OP_AUTHORIZATION_ENDPOINT = “https://hydra.local/oauth2/auth” OIDC_OP_TOKEN_ENDPOINT = “https://hydra.local/oauth2/token” OIDC_OP_USER_ENDPOINT = “https://hydra.local/userinfo

# Optional config settings MOKEY_OIDC_PI_GROUP = ‘pi’ MOKEY_OIDC_ALLOWED_GROUPS = [‘academic’] MOKEY_OIDC_DENY_GROUPS = [‘badguys’]